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                                                                                    AUTHORS OF TRADITION
The Physically circumcised
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Many an instance a people finds itself marching in single file like well-trained soldiers adhering to the constant whip of tradition. In most times than not there is no more reason and logic left in the traditional norm, but a cult-like protection at what has become more a slave driving situation than ethic building exercise. In most times it is not the enforcer that sits as guardian of a tradition that has long lost its purpose, but those who the tradition oppresses the most. It is this paradox that perplexes the observer and keeps the observed in perpetual self-slavery.

Tradition being more or less the agenda of life, without which life would be a confusion of sporadic human actions it  comes as no surprise that those more concerned with self-gain would tend to author tradition after admiring the way in which nature keeps human being s ordered by the way of natural tradition. It is also worthy to note that nature ‘authors’ tradition that has to do with survival or for basic needs and those focused on profit of any kind author tradition that is more concerned with the wants and thereafter through such, control of the traditionalized people is profited.

Until recently when researchers could prove that circumcision could reduce the chances of contracting HIV/AIDS, the physical act of being circumcised had no reasoning behind it besides the urban legend of those promoting circumcision claiming the superhero status of the circumcised penis in the bedroom, and on the contrary a Drum magazine contributor likening the circumcised penis as being deprived of a whole surface area of sensation that would otherwise greatly enhance the sexual experience.  Actually, with the origins not known, circumcision has been rationalised by aligning it to health, conquest over other tribes, control of excess sexual enjoyment, enhancing sexual enjoyment, rite of passage, ability to endure pain, and many other rationalities that are not without a litany of contradictions.

 The logic however that such an event could serve as a school to teach the young men how to carry themselves with dignity in manhood was a reason powerful enough to deter the inquisitive from pursuing understanding in the physical act itself. But as the cost of living skyrocketed and by default profit finding more meaning in the community, the relevance of the physical act of circumcision becomes unquestionable. As the numbers of initiates that die through the inexperience of the profit- mongering traditional doctor rise, the question becomes compelling even to the highest office of government. Owing to the fact that the origin of this tradition is unknown, who then would be holding the patent to this tradition that it would be impossible to  shut down the bush-butchering and place this tradition under the care of doctors that have spent years perfecting the art, and who are under legislative and ethical scrutiny. Who are the authors of tradition that a nation can be held hostage by a tradition without a patent? If it ‘the people’ that are the author, maybe a few can be asked to trace in history as to when they authored the tradition.

The criminality and thievery of such shenanigans can be traced back to none other than king Sobhuza 11 who when resources had to be collected, he conveniently became ‘The Nation’, hence with such slippery tactics much was stolen from the Swazi people by a person they considered their king, hence the relevance of the author being so important as to ascertain the validity and credibility of the tradition in question.

The traditionalist's best arguing point of providing a school for the initiate cannot be overlooked as we wheel the initiate to ER (emergency room).  In all honesty, at ER we no longer have an initiate but a patient. How do we then initiate a patient?

African ritual has always thrived under the protection of secrecy. By some unfathomable logic, it became widely accepted that the secrecy of the ritual somehow rendered the ritual more powerful, and it being revealed would somehow weaken it. That is the greatest bullshit that has ever been fed to the global community by the earlier ruling aristocrat through the propaganda of the traditional doctor or the doctor of the cloth. It is not a point to be argued that secrecy breeds dishonesty, but when it comes to ritual, it then seems that this logic should not apply, but the Traditionalist should be left to prescribe a way of life he
cannot prove.

There is nothing the matter with taking the bush lessons to the formalised classroom. I would further argue that the formalised classroom would have to be less institutionalised considering that academia’s prejudices have been its main downfall or should I say its patent being in the possession of capital has been its downfall.

Secrets would have to be a thing of the past. Actually if it is honest and upstanding why does it have to be secretive? Many argue in favour of secrecy but none can adequately explain why secrecy equals a more powerful ritual. What does not make sense must be discarded.

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