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The misconception is to think that Incwala is uniquely Swazi when this ritual is practiced by a good number of organisations of the Satanic Order. The difference is that other organisations are secretive as this practice is not tolerated and mostly feared by citizens of the world.  In Swaziland the ruling order sells this ill as culture and the people follow like sheep to the slaughter because culture has been uniquely defined in order to sell the sick ideology that power can be maintained through cruelty and indecency when it is dominance and not power that is manufactured through such means.
Swazi Warriors dancing Incwala

It is well known that that those whose goal is to accumulate as much negative polarity as possible use sexual rituals and at times rituals of bestiality to achieve that end. Especially in the satanic circles, it is known that energy can be harvested if it is performed at particular lunar cycles and that the harvesting party should embark on such sexual rituals in a dominating manner in order to maximize the harvest.  Not that it is an alien practice really because all human being mostly unconsciously harvest energy either out of the self or into the self.  The difference is that in the negative world the knowledge of harvesting energy is shared and energy harvesting is practiced in order to sharpen the skill. 

As the topic of energy harvesting is not a common topic maybe to give an idea of energy harvesting. A typical energy harvest would be a man of the house finding the family in a happy mood when coming back from work and because he is bursting at the seams with fury soon the family will be in a bitter mood because the latter has harvested the negative energy, especially because humankind has unconsciously mastered the harvesting of anger. The antithesis of that would be for the same bitter man to walk into a church of singing born-again Christians, the possibility is that he will come out of that church in a much happier mood than he entered; the same concept applies in the negative world but it is a conscious, intentional, and informed harvesting. Of cause as the need for dominance grows, murder rituals and indiscriminate murder become the tools of choice to accumulate negative energy of even higher quality and quantity.

Christianity being the dominant global religion and having shut itself from knowing and understanding Satanism and similar practices because of preaching fear of this aspect of human life, has contributed to the prevailing global ignorance on this subject. To be more correct, this subject falls more under the heading "Negative Polarity" and less on the heading "Satanism" as is widely believed.

There are those whose purpose is to accumulate negative energy and it is those people that gravitate towards the practice of these sick rituals. The fact that Christianity has packaged sex and put it under lock and key in the holy of holies has prevented most of the knowledge that sex can also be used to increase positive polarity if embarked on in a non-dominating and harmonised manner, hence the strategy by the Negatives has always been to keep the feminine energy supressed in order to maintain the imbalance that they need in order to maximise dominance hence a negative energy harvest of a higher quality.

The irony is that a good number of the males secretly support patriarchy when patriarchies only benefit those whose purpose is to harvest negatively. If a male’s purpose is to harvest positively, he is just an equal looser as the female because patriarchy reinforces dominance and the exploits of dominance manufacture negative energy.

Even though we now know that civilisation was not imported from Europe but that there has been rises and falls of civilisations all over the globe, we still secretly and not so secretly believe that civilisation is a European import. Such beliefs are what makes us Swazis staunch believers that the Ndwandwe are the originators of Incwala and that there is no way that there could have been global network in previous generations where the knowledge of such rituals was shared because the prevalence of sex rituals in the negative world suggest a global commonality in these practices.

So we can claim that Incwala is not as African as we would have liked to believe because the signature rituals are practiced in Europe and other parts of the world too. But what we are clear about is that these rituals are practiced by negative entities and benefit mostly them and the royal family wants to delude us into thinking that there is something positive concerning the dark rituals of incwala by tagging the “first fruit” gimmick in the dark contraption because they know the sentiments we hold where livelihood and survival is concerned.

For a while we have been willing to play willing audience to this dark ritual. Maybe out of ignorance or the yearning to somehow belong to the “uniquely” medieval brand called “being Swazi”, or maybe we were even compelled by the wellbeing of the “first fruit”, but as time passes it becomes clear that Lozithe’hlezi  is a midday horror show  that more and more of us are realising that we do not wish to be a willing audience anymore; and that there are more constructive things to be achieved than the an annual cruel beating up of a black bull. That, coming to think of it, we do not know the origins of this ritual; maybe it was imported from elsewhere, generations ago, because it is not a culture born of either climate or geography, or any other norms of everyday living.

All we know is that we have watched the show and all its rituals which have all the signs of the dark negative world and we are refusing to buy any more tickets to this freak show and advise those that are still spellbound by it to take a much closer look and do some reflective thinking because a culture of a people is normally practiced by the people and not a few individuals while the rest of the people serve as cheerleaders to a ritual which is shrouded in secrecy where the people, like mindless livestock, sing and dance to entities they know not of. And the reality that Mswati and his inner circle cannot absorb all the energy generated in that setting so those in attendance will actually absorb the residue energy, because as surely as the body absorbs lightning, in like manner will it absorb any other energy, even though invisible to the naked eye.
Most of us have been caught up in the legitimacy of fact, science, reason, and logic that we have totally forgotten to be simply rational. Where has ever the cruel beating up of an animal resulted in anything positive? Why do the “ancestors” always insist on secrecy; what is there to hide?

What doesn’t make sense will always stick out like a sore thumb but our affinity to gullibility always insists that we stick around as the fool’s audience. It is not hard to find positives in the reed dance. As much as this pure culture has been hijacked by the royal family and its traditionalists by turning it into an anti-multi-party parade and a tourist’s freak show, its place as a means to safeguard and maintain the virginity of the girl-child is invaluable. It is not hard to imagine that even in a new Swaziland it can be revived to its pure intentions and it would serve the people well.  On the other hand though, to see the harassment and terrorism of the Bemanti (water-party) meted on the people just shows that it is an entourage of dominance. They are sent by the royal family to collect energy frequencies that are recorded within the items they collect, all over the country, so that the traditional scientists can ascertain the quality and the quantity of the energy levels in the country and while at it they remind the nation “who dominates” by instilling the fear of hell in especially the women who are rudely reminded of “cultural codes” that they are supposed to adhere to.

The intention is not to advice against attending Incwala; by all means do attend in numbers so that the residue negative energy can have enough hosts. The intention is to again catalyse reflective thinking and independent questioning. How does Incwala help in the development of Swaziland? Why does there have to be a beating of an animal if it is such a good thing? Is a beating a good thing? What has the black bull done that it should be subjected to such a harsh beating? Does the king really indulge in sexual dominance over the bull after it has been beaten into submission by young men who transfer their youthful pure energy into the bull when beating it? If the king does really have sex with the bull after it has been beaten, is he really having sex with the bull or harvesting the pure youthful energy of the young men? If the king doesn’t have sex with the bull, what does he really do and why? If the king doesn’t have sex with the bull, why is the praise singing of, “ejaculating into a human being and ejaculating into a cow” given to him?

If we are to be a self-determining people who will be equal caretakers of the Swazi Nation surely it is time we ask ourselves hard questions, even those that “trespass” into the domain of the ancestors that we are “supposed to fear”. Why do we have to fear the ancestor if they have our best interests at heart? The plea is that now is the time more than ever that every Swazi need to think independently of the stigmas, the prejudices and the stereotypes. It is time to think beyond tradition and culture; because surely, the country is burning under the present leadership whose other tasks are to serve other powers that we know not of. 

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