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When a human being has been involved in an accident and loses a lot of blood, the most important thing that doctors try to ascertain in order to save her/his life is the blood type. Apparently you can’t just dump any type of blood on any given human being's vascular network, hence the importance of every individual to know their blood type in an era where cars are built for speed and a number  of drivers all over the world are smoking Swazi weed.

When gold surrounds the royals, know that
 poverty surrounds
the poor.
Science, in all its endeavors hasn’t been able to identify a blood type that could be called the “royal bloodline”. Every self-respecting scientist will tell you that a thing called royal blood type does not exist. They will tell you that a royal bloodline is a myth. When asked if maybe in the future it might be discovered within the vascular system of the human being, they say no, it is not possible. They even go as far as confidently declaring that there is nothing such as a royal gene. They say human beings are more or less built in a similar fashion hence the reason that a thing like flue attacks every human being in a similar manner, and that a bite from the relevant mosquito makes us all suffer from malaria-fever in a similar fashion.

 Actually that was ascertained while proving that there is no superiority of nature between the white and the black people. Actually it didn’t need to be proven that racism is just as absurd as the idea of royalism. They do say there is a possibility that one of the named blood types could be renamed royal blood type if the relevant decree could see the light of day but because no one chooses what bloodline they are to be born with, there is a high possibility that we might have all manner of character ascending the throne. These characters would have to come from different surnames as the blood type does not conform to last names, so the whole next-on-the-throne nonsensical romance would go out the window.

So in trying to establish the legitimacy for a thing called royalty, it becomes very hard to pinpoint a thing that renders a human being a royal person. After having failed scientifically, then assuming that maybe religiously we might find the bases for the thing. But as soon as we open the bible we are met by an angry God who is reprimanding the Israelites by telling them that, “yekelani lobunkhihlinga bekufuna emakhosi ngoba atonigcilata” (stop the foolishness of asking to be ruled by kings because kings will enslave you.) I will take the liberty of assuming that God was talking in siSwati because there is nowhere in the bible where the language of communication between God and the Israelites is mentioned. He could have been talking Russian or Swahili for all we know.  Some people claim that he might have been speaking Hebrew; very unlikely but possible.

 Jean Bodin, a French political philosopher, who couldn’t stomach the fact that the Pope could practice his authority even on political matters, decided to do something about the godlike powers of the papacy. He decided to formulate a theory called The Divine Right of Kings. It is not clear whether he dusted off an old document and did some creative editing or if he authored the theory from scratch, but the final piece he presented was so good that it would have prompted the monarch to reward him handsomely. Not to shift Bodin aside as a scammer because very few people can claim to have turned  human beings into Gods, but to say that nowhere in known history has there been a narrative that maybe some angel came from heaven and gave such a mandate to kings.

There is nowhere in history where it says Bodin either saw a burning bush or even a burning candle, he didn’t carry a stick, never mind turning the damn thing into a snake, but he walks right into public arena and makes these fantastic claims. The reason the people did not shave his head, give him ten and a quarter lashings, stick a pig’s tail between his buttocks and send him packing in a northerly direction is because the document he was carrying was from that day onward to render the Monarch as God on Earth.

The document was basically outlining the powers that the king could practice from then onward. It asserted that the king was answerable to no one but God.  Actually even members of the aristocracy would not dare question the king however unjust his conduct. In no uncertain terms, it was also saying, “hands off the king”, to the church.

The document condemned to the wrath of being charged with the offence of sacrilege to whoever tried to restrict the king’s powers or to dethrone him.  The offence of sacrilege would be better understood as an equivalent to the suppression of terrorism Act of Swaziland; as we continue to see movie-type-like sentences that ensures the incarceration and overall supervision of democracy activists for as long as close to a century. 

 Basically what sacrilege does is that it renders all things and persons that have to do with the monarch as divine, and anyone who dares question as cursed.  Divine being such a hard term to describe in physical terms, so whatever the Monarch renders divine would basically be considered divine, regardless if it is divine or not. If a peasant is found pissing against a wall and if such behavior displeases the king, the king could render the wall divine and there goes the peasant.

The parallel being that in Swaziland the king is above the law and whoever is charged under the suppression of Terrorism act can rest assured that the stigma of going against the royal divine will stick, the king’s judiciary will surely convict and some other people wouldn't even want to associate with him/her because s/he has dared the divine.  In Swaziland you can be leafing through a scripture that talks about freedom and you would be accused of being ‘in possession of seditious material'.

It becomes hard then in present day of science and the micro-chip that we still continue to consider some people as royal when we have no bases to support the claim. In China too, they tried to give legitimacy to the monarchy by authoring the Heavenly Mandate philosophy. But they too failed to really legitimize the monarchy, and only managed to establish a number of warring dynasties.
       Just over two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ was briefing us on all manner of existence in heaven but by some miracle he fails to remember to remind us about the other messengers of God which are the earthly kings and the Queens.  He does not even call them bagijimi (runners), to at least give us some inkling that maybe the father considers these people relevant.  So it becomes clear that the importance purported by royals is forced upon the people until it becomes habit, and has no bases to claim its legitimacy, either from heaven or from earth.

In two months or so, Swaziland will be partaking in elections so fraud that with every election there are less and less observers, the number of those that vote decreases, and the observer missions that are looking for hope in hell are unanimous on the lack of democracy of the elections. The whole thing has become such a comedy show that the registration is taken to people’s work places in order to force them to register, and chiefs are reported to have threatened the people into registering. Even after performing such shameful and desperate stunts, the conclusion is that the scam has lost its initial shine, so the trick would be either to upgrade the scam or present a new scam. But the problem is that with a string of obviously-desperate acts, it is becoming clearer that Tinkhundla regime is running old scams on a population that has become more awake to the scams that enforce the repression.
Come election time, some will go and cast their vote. Some will cast in gratitude to the MPs that have been allowed by the Elections Commission to campaign with food and blankets. Some will cast in fear of the Chiefs that don’t tolerate dissent. None will cast their vote because the election makes any meaningful input in their lives. When it is all said and done, the number of voters will be significantly low as has been the indication during registration.

When Mswati 111 opens parliament he won’t be an elected member of the government but an imposed one. Being imposed as he is he will go ahead and appoint other government members to further the imposition. He will deliver a speech as if he was elected by the majority. But the question will always be: What gives Mswati 111 the legitimacy to rule the Swazi people?

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